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About Us

The vision began with a discussion between the Chairman Piri Tomlins and the Director Heremia Marsh.

Heremia mentioned that he saw advertised on a taxi at the Auckland airport a sign that stated 50% off taxi fares.

Piri stated that the concept had merit and he would like to give it some thought and see how that could be used to formulate a business that would be on the based on AFFORDABILITY with professional image and presentation.

That is how 1/2 Price Cabs (NZ) Ltd was birthed.

Piri felt that it was important to have a slogan to go with the corporate name that would have a “jingle” which people would relate to.

He was at a family gathering one day and the discussion was around the company and one of the persons present made a comment unwittingly “1/2 Pai Cabs “not realising what was said and the people present went into hysterics.

The term “1/2 Pai” means to the everyday “kiwi a job only 1/2 completed. From that one comment the slogan “1/2 Price not 1/2 Pai” was formed.

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